I'm a software developer who specializes in building modern websites and applications using Javascript and Node.js.

I have been creating software professionally for the last 4 years, as a hobby for several years before that, and have a degree in engineering. I am a strong believer in writing small modules, using a simple data flow, and sharing code between the browser and server wherever possible.

Currently I'm a fan of Webpack, React, and Redis. In the past I have worked with many languages and framworks including PHP, Symfony, C#, AngularJS, and even Assembly. I've managed both Fedora and Ubuntu servers running Apache, NGINX, MySQL, and other services. I also have experience with many other technologies—you can see the full list here.

You should look at my portfolio to see things I have created, or look at the open-source projects I support.

I am currently looking for work. If you like what you see on this website, please contact me.